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Spider-Man: No Way Home

  • 8/10 điểm
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  • Năm phát hành: 2021
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Bộ phim tiếp nối sự kiện của phần Spider-man: Far From Home khi phản diện Mysterio đã tiết lộ danh tính thực sự của người nhện là Peter Parker, Spiderman đã phải đối diện với nhiều lời khen chê trái chiều đến từ công chúng, việc này không những làm ảnh hưởng đến cuộc sống của Peter mà còn khiến Dì May, cậu bạn Ned và người yêu MJ bị liên lụy. Vì vậy Peter đã tìm đến Doctor Strange để nhờ ông tìm cách giải quyết chuyện này. Tuy nhiên trong quá trình thi triển thuật đảo ngược thời gian, do nhanh mồm nhanh miệng mà Peter đã khiến việc đọc phép gặp lỗi và mở ra những cánh cửa đưa các tên ác nhân ở các vũ trụ khác đến nơi cậu sinh sống. Liệu rằng Peter có thể sửa chữa được lỗi lầm của mình và điều gì đang chờ đợi cậu ở phía trước? Phim bám sát thuyết đa vũ trụ, cho phép tồn tại các chiều không gian song song. Mang đến trải nghiệm tuyệt vời cho khán giả khi thấy những nhân vật mình yêu thích xuất hiện, từ chính diện cho tới phản diện.

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Jon Watts
    • JPRetana 28-08-2022 04:01 bởi JPRetana

      Spider-Man: No Way Home is like the proverbial blind squirrel that finds a nut every now and then, except that it doesn’t so much find them as it steals them from another squirrel’s hoard. The massive combined gravitas generated by Willem Dafoe, Alfred Molina, and Jamie Foxx would be enough to save any other movie; the problem is that this film is not theirs to save, and it’s barely a film at all to begin with – it’s more like the superhero equivalent of that Pink Panther movie they made with spare parts from previous Pink Panther movies. If I want Willem Dafoe as the Green Goblin, why not just revisit 2002’s Spider-Man? Similarly, if I have a hankering for Alfred Molina as Doc Ock, why not just rewatch 2004’s Spider-Man 2? The latter was, according to Roger Ebert, “the best superhero movie since the modern genre was launched with "Superman"”. How the mighty have fallen. It’s great to see Dafoe and Molina sharing screen time, but once the novelty – or rather the nostalgia – wears off, we are left with only a reminder of how comparatively superior Sam Raimi’s trilogy was, as well as a testament of how downhill things have gone since then. When Molina finally arrives, following an excruciatingly dumb, seemingly endless first half hour, he does so like a godsend; unfortunately, as much as we welcome the company of someone with a gleam of intelligence in his eyes, Doc Ock’s edge has been dulled by poor stylistic choices – first, his mechanical tentacles are 100% computer-generated (as opposed to Spider-Man 2, which used CGI to enhance, but not fully replace, a set of prop tentacles), and second, Molina was digitally de-aged (as was Dafoe), though in this case, unlike for example The Irishman, the unintended uncanny valley effect might have been a blessing in disguise; after all, Doc Ock is supposed to be a comic book villain, so that grotesqueness actually becomes him. All things considered, everything and everyone endemic to the MCU Spider-Man is as flat and artificial as cardboard (our sympathy inevitably lies with the villains because, goblins and octopuses though they may be, they remain at all times more human – and certainly have a cleverer sense of humor – than any of the heroes with the exception of Tobey Maguire, and while Spider-Man may prevail over Norman Osborne, Dafoe totally obliterates Holland in terms of acting); at the same time, all the best parts are almost exclusively lifted from the work – and not even the best work at that – of a much more talented filmmaker. To put it bluntly, Spider-Man: No Way Home has absolutely no reason for being.

    • mooney240 20-08-2022 00:26 bởi mooney240

      **One of Marvel's absolute best!** Watching No Way Home felt like my childhood and my adulthood were embracing each other in a warm, friendly hug. The nostalgia was brilliantly balanced with advancing Tom Holland's Spider-man and developing his character. Andrew Garfield's Spider-man also received some long-awaited closure after an abrupt end to his story. The effects, action, and humor all reinforced a heartfelt film focusing on the characters' processing of loss and grief.

    • YourAustin 10-08-2022 03:03 bởi YourAustin

      I like it

    • Nathan 30-06-2022 19:25 bởi TitanGusang

      This movie brings it from start to finish, there is not a dull moment in this film, and we truly see the birth of a new Spider-Man. As a superhero and MCU fan, this is a much watch and breaks open the multi-verse entirely. A welcomed addition to the fresh new phase four of the MCU. **Verdict:** _Excellent_

    • Per Gunnar Jonsson 26-06-2022 16:34 bởi Dark Jedi

      This is another Spider Man for kids which for me is a wee bit unfortunate. I would very much have liked a Peter Parker / Spider Man that behaved like a real superhero instead of this naïve kid who constantly thinks he knows better than the grown ups and, of course, constantly bungles things up. In addition I was not too thrilled about the story itself where Spider Man right at the beginning is framed as the bad guy. I know, I know, it is rather consistent with the original comics but Hollywood do not hesitate so change things if they feel like it so why not make a good change for once? The good thing about this movie is the special effects. They are quite cool. Especially the parts in this weird space where Doctor Strange and Spider Man dukes it out. Unfortunately that is pretty much it. The rest of the movie is really dragged down by the childish and stupid behavior of Peter Parker. Him being a real idiot and constantly trying to change the spell was just cringe worthy. Then he continues screwing things up because he do not want notorious criminals to go back to their real place because they will actually die there. Typical Hollywood sob story. Despite what that dumb bitch said towards the end, yes Peter Parker you did something wrong, you screwed up big time and the wrong people died because of it. Another thing that was really annoying throughout the movie was listening to that moron Jonah Jameson from The Daily Bugle. He was spewing almost as much fake news as CNN and it just pissed me off every time he was on screen. It is a shame really. One would have thought that, given that they already did the young and immature Spider Man in Spider Man: Far From Home, they could have made him more experienced and mature in this one. You know, character advancement. Instead they just piled on the childish, naïve and immature behavior with a good dose of juvenile jokes making what, with some actual intelligent script writing, could have been a great movie with all those cool special effects (and I really do like Doctor Strange) to be one just barely watchable.

    • JPV852 14-04-2022 20:56 bởi JPV852

      Good addition to the Spider-Man franchise and a quasi-reset. Fun seeing the old guard in here with Maguire and Garfield along with their foes and at least their inclusions didn't feel as forced as I feared when this movie was first announced. The relationship between Tom Holland and Zendaya worked better than in Homecoming and even Far From Home. Will be interesting to see where the series goes from here. **4.0/5**

    • Adriano 07-01-2022 17:05 bởi CanadianOranges

      This is the perfect Marvel movie that isn't an Avengers film. It pays off everything thing it builds up, corrects previous misgivings and really gets the character of Spider-Man right. All while setting things up in an interesting way that it's bound to be fresh next time out. Absolutely loved this.

    • r96sk 07-01-2022 05:17 bởi r96sk

      Wow! Loved it! I'd recommend not reading any reviews if you plan to watch it - I didn't and I'm sure glad I didn't! Spoilers inbound! Where to begin? I was not expecting to love this film as much as I do! It surpassed my expectations in every way possible, to the point that I'd say it beats <em>'Avengers: Endgame'</em> as my favourite production from the MCU. This is a next level superhero movie, it's easily the most I've consistently enjoyed a film in this series and genre - no question. The cast are all outstanding, it's ace how they work everyone in from previous iterations of <em>'Spider-Man'</em> - even away from the main universe. Seeing Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire together onscreen as Peter Parker is tremendous. The film does it in the perfect way, at no point does it feel forced or needless and the humour between the trio is excellent; in fact, the whole film is funny when it intends to be. Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch, Jacob Batalon (his best showing of the trilogy), Jon Favreau and Marisa Tomei also add positives things to this 2021 film. Jamie Foxx, Alfred Molina and, most pleasing for me, Willem Dafoe all reprise their characters from past releases and are all a joy. I'm a fan of Dafoe so was particularly happy to see him reappear. Onto what we see onscreen. The plot is great and I wouldn't change anything about it, there is one or two things that I had question marks about whilst watching but those quickly dissipated. The pacing is top notch and the music is superb, the respective screen times of everybody was pinpoint and, along with the already noted humour, the film also packs a punch on a more serious level to boot. This really is top tier Marvel! Would watch again, would recommended etc. Awesome!

    • sauceopet 30-12-2021 07:34 bởi sauceopet

      > With great power, comes great responsibility ! Best spider man movie I have ever seen. Literally got chills watching it cinema hall. Cinema hall turned into stadium. The screams, the excitement, the hype - all about it is amazing in it's own way. A total fan service.

    • T D Heath 19-12-2021 08:13 bởi tdheath

      Long awaited and very conspiricized, **'Spider-man:No way Home'** Lives up and surpasses hype, The introduction of charcters once thought cordened off into the MCU, came both as a shock and as an eventual certainty. The Pleathora of indephth easter eggs creates awonderful viewing for the spider-man fan but alienates the casual none MCU fanatic viewers. The plot is dense not in fault but in advantage, it crams in expectation with suitable comedy and light heartedness. The director created a a comprehensive journey of emotion with several troughs and many peaks leaving a sense of WOAH at the end. Overall, **'Spider-man NWH'** is a Marvel Maniac's Heaven but can ruin marvel experiences for the uniformed viewers spoiling previous films and enjoyment of them. This is not a stand-alone film and for some this amazing but for many of those seeking to enter the universe this is not at all suitable. This and the poorly grand soundtrack make it 4.5 stars.

    • Chris Sawin 18-12-2021 20:55 bởi ChrisSawin

      _Spider-Man: No Way Home_ isn’t without its flaws, but it is mostly exactly what it’s advertised to be. The film doesn’t necessarily redefine the, “With great power comes great responsibility,” aspect for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, but it without a doubt gives the MCU version of Spider-Man his version of that principle. _No Way Home_ is a nostalgic extravaganza that exceeds expectations and is a perfect and satisfying bookend for the first three Tom Holland _Spider-Man_ movies. **Full review**: https://boundingintocomics.com/2021/12/18/spider-man-no-way-home-riding-the-nostalgia-train/

    • RADIO1'S MR. MOVIE!-MAD AMI 🌠 17-12-2021 01:18 bởi Radio1'sMr.Movie!-MadAmi🌠

      **" THIS IS POP-ENTERTAINMENT; AT ITS FUNNEST, WILDEST, WHACKIEST, _MOST_ CREATIVE, "SUBLIME-EST"... _B E S T_ 💜 😉 😃 "** A **-{ _B I G_ }-** Screen **_MINI_** Review ; Film Seen all of FOUR times( soon to be 🖐 ); as of Dec.15, '2021. ______________________________________________________ Tom Holland's Peter: { to MJ }: "What's that thing you always say? ...expect disappointment..." MJ: "No, no, no... NO ...we're gonna Kick Some Ass !" Tom Holland's Peter: "O.k !" Toby Maguire's Peter: -{ "Cure. Cure Some Ass" }- . **Ned Leeds: CURE THAT ASS !!!**                                         ______________________________________________________ **Somewhere, "In An Alternate Universe",** Spider-Man: No Way Home { to be hitherto referred to as NWH }, is already -Well- on the way to winning the "Best Motion Picture Of The Year" Award. { Here on Earth 🌎, incidentally, the Oscar Awards are, ( as things stand as of -_Now_- ), slated to be held on March 27, 2022 }. And -Speaking- of which, in our -{ OWN }- breathtakingly ravishing universe unfortunately, that particular proposition is likely to be a **-FAR CRY-** at best ; given the Academy's characteristic, and seemingly perpetual "Stiff Upper Lip" type of attitude towards the 'Superhero-Supervillain' genre, in general. However ; with 'Black Panther' ( 2018 ) and 'Joker' ( 2019 ) having -BOTH- been nominated for "That... -{ Most }- Coveted Cinematic Prize ...Of All ", the Best Picture Oscar ; I believe that things are, thankfully 🙏, albeit -{ Slowly }-, **changing for the better.** Yeah, so I'm er, "Officially" dubbing this "An Easter ( - E g g - ) Movie Released At Christmas", because it -well and truly- does reveal itself as **"The Movie Of A 1,000 Beautiful Surprises" . . . .** and so much, much, much, more. { And as I recently changed my review classification from 'Spoiler-free' to 'Spoiler', there is of course, a glaring "Little" reference to ( one ) of the two -most- THRILLING surprises of the picture ( by far ) }. In a nutshell, at this point, I suppose that it would be, well... -{ Suffice for me to say }- ...that NWH "far, far, far, far", surpassed my Hopes for said Theatrical 'Gargantuar' . . . . and "then some". It has -{ already }- SMASHED "all manner of records" the world over, & is currently the **6th Biggest Box-Office Earner ( E v e r ) ;** -quite possibly- soon to be Number 5 ( 💣 💥❗) ; after barrelling thru to overtake yet -Another- 'Veritable Marvel Collosus', 'Avengers: Infinity War' ( 2018 ). Right, and -these- were my three biggest takeaways: 1. The "Raw, -{ Unbridled }- Talent" of NWH's three ( principal ) youngsters, Tom, Zendaya & Jacob . . . & boy, can the young thespian Mr. Thomas Stanley Holland, ( still barely all of '25 and two-thirds' ), **Really, Really ACT 👏❗** 2. How brilliantly -{ ALL }- the 'Multitudinous Trappings Of Contemporary Fame', ( whether that fame be positive -Or- adverse ), were depicted at the onset of NWH. 3. The totally "Astonishing" standard of -{ All }- of The Special Effects ( both computer generated -as well- as "Live" ), & indeed . . . just the { " A l l - A r o u n d " } level of  cinematic accomplishment  by Jon Watts, Daren Gilford, & Mauro Fiore, ( Director, Production Designer, Cinematographer ), & the -{ Entirety }- of the picture's **CREW & CAST,** frankly ....in achieving this thru the -{ Heights }- of a global pandemic.... **K u d o s 🌠❗** **Summation:** Just before I go, I feel like I -{ Must }- say this. "If, ( -like yours truly- ), you've been a Loyal, Loving Adorer of the web-slinger for ( pretty much ) your -Entire- life . . . bring TWICE the amount of tissues ; 1 half for the ( -Several- ) Ribtickling 'Funnies' in NWH, & the other half for the **richly soulful & -{ FABULOUSLY HUMAN }- emotional scenes** that you are unquestionably going to encounter.  Also, -Do- try & stay till the -Very- end of the movie, for not just 1, but in fact, -2- great teaser scenes . . . as you'll be -certain- to glean a few -exciting- insights into the near future of the MCU ( Marvel Cinematic Universe ). And here, without further ado, is my final appraisal of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Marvel's truly "fresh", and -{ Uplifting }- New Multiplex-Marvel. **" 25 Spider Bitten, -{ Viscerally }- Wowed,  And Indeed, " UTTERLY SMITTEN " Marks Out Of 10 . . . 😃 💥❗ "**

    • MSB 15-12-2021 22:24 bởi msbreviews

      FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @ https://www.msbreviews.com/movie-reviews/spider-man-no-way-home-spoiler-free-review "Spider-Man: No Way Home is one of the darkest, saddest, emotionally draining entries in the MCU, surpassing all of my expectations. Despite a messy, convoluted first half with some pacing issues and occasionally frustrating, poorly placed humor, Jon Watts, Chris McKenna, and Erik Sommers more than compensate these minor issues with some of the best (and brutally violent) Spider-Man action ever witnessed on screen. In addition to this, the surprisingly coherent narrative packs shocking developments and actually offers enough screentime for the villains to significantly impact Peter Parker's arc. Unbelievably outstanding performances from everyone involved, especially Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Willem Dafoe. A heartfelt, nostalgic homage to the Spider-Man legacy that fans will rewatch countless times, laughing and crying along for many more years to come. A memorable, passionate, once-in-a-lifetime cinematic experience." Rating: A

    • garethmb 15-12-2021 15:35 bởi garethmb

      Life for Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is complicated thanks to his dual life as Spider-Man and the challenges of being in High School. Unfortunately for him; his best intentions are about to make things much worse in “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. Taking place where “Spider-Man: Far From Home” ended; Peter must deal with his secret identity being leaked by Tabloid Journalist J. Jonah Jameson (J.K. Simmons); and the throngs of people, helicopters, and protestors who follow his every move and camp outside his home. As if this was not bad enough; being accused of being a murderer has drawn the attention of the authorities which further complicates his life as does returning to a school where everyone knows his identity. Desperate to get away from the constant scrutiny and observation; Peter seeks out Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), and asks him to cast a spell that would make the world forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Strange agrees but mid-spell Peter requests that there are some exemptions from the spell which include his Girlfriend MJ (Zendaya); his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei); and his friend Ned (Jacob Batalon). Strange agrees but in doing so; complications arise which allows entrants from other dimensions to enter their realm. Soon Peter is accosted by villains whom he does not know but seem to know him; that is until he is unmasked and they have no idea who this Peter Parker is before them. As more villains arrive; Peter learns of their fates in their natural dimension and is determined to save them and give them a second chance which puts him at odds with Doctor Strange who says they must go back to whatever fate they had. What follows is a descent into humor and darkness as Peter despite his best intentions sees the situation go from bad to worse and he must fight to stay true to himself and save the day. The film is a difficult one to review in the fact that there are so many surprise guests, twists, and turns that it is challenging to not reveal anything but suffice it to say that fans should absolutely enjoy it. The film takes its time getting to the action as it has a very slow and deliberate climb and Director Jon Watts is confident enough in the characters and premise that he allows ample time for the characters and setting to build and be established before he gets to the action. While there is considerable fan service in the film; it never once seems like it is pandering and it all fits very well within the story and the MCU and opens up numerous possibilities for the future. There is a mid-credit scene and a post-credit scene which is basically a trailer and both are very engaging in terms of the possibilities as Marvel has again shown that their plan of interwoven stories and characters continues to deliver and that Spider-Man still remains as popular and engaging as ever. 4 stars out of 5


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      Đảo Hải Tặc

      One Piece (Luffy)

      Monkey D. Luffy, 1 cậu bé rất thích Đảo hải tặc có ước mơ tìm được kho báu One Piece và trở thành Vua hải tặc - Pirate King. Lúc nhỏ, Luffy tình cờ ăn phải trái quỉ (Devil Fruit) Gomu Gomu, nó cho cơ thể cậu khả năng co dãn đàn hồi như cao su nhưng đổi lại cậu sẽ không bao giờ biết bơi. Sau đó Luffy lại được Shank cứu thoát tuy nhiên ông ta bị mất 1 cánh tay. Sau đấy Shank chia tay Luffy và để lại cho cậu cái mũ rơm (Straw Hat) và nói rằng: Sau này bao giờ thành cướp biển hãy gặp ta và trả lại nó. Chính lời nói này đã thúc đầy Luffy trở thành 1 cướp biển thật sự. Hãy cùng theo dõi xem liệu Luffy có thể trở thành đạt được kho báu One Piece và trở thành Vua Hải Tặc không nhé.
    • #5

      Hoa Hồng Giấy

      Paper Rose

      Sau cuộc tình chớp nhoáng, hai người từ hai thế giới đối lập kết hôn rồi nhận ra chẳng có gì giống với vẻ bề ngoài.
    • #6

      Bed Friend: Đừng Đùa Với Lửa

      Bed friend

      Uea là một người rất kín đáo và có ác cảm mãnh liệt với những tên công tử bột, và King tình cờ là một tên công tử bột như thế. King và Uea làm việc trong cùng một văn phòng và là bạn tốt của Jade. Cả hai ghét nhau ra mặt, nhưng rồi bằng một cách nào đó, họ bắt đầu có một \"mối quan hệ\" đặc biệt.
    • #7

      Cầm Tù


      Orhun là một doanh nhân thành đạt, lớn lên trong một gia đình giàu có nhưng không có tình yêu thương cùng với chị gái song sinh Nihan, em gái Nurşah và người mẹ xa cách lạnh lùng Afife của họ. Nihan rời đi để làm công việc tình nguyện với tư cách là một bác sĩ ở Eritrea, nhưng gần đây cô ấy không thể liên lạc được và gia đình cô ấy đang lo lắng cho cô ấy. Trong khi tìm kiếm em gái của mình, anh tình cờ gặp Hira, một cô gái nghèo đang sống cuộc đời của một tù nhân dưới bàn tay của những kẻ buôn người. Khi họ phát hiện ra rằng Nihan đã bị đầu độc và giết chết bởi một băng đảng địa phương, Orhun suy sụp. Khi phát hiện ra rằng Hira thực sự là người đã đầu độc em gái mình, Orhun ấp ủ một kế hoạch trả thù độc ác: anh ta sẽ đưa Hira về nhà với mình và khiến mọi thứ trở nên tồi tệ hơn với cô ấy. Trong khi đó, Afife, mẹ của họ, đã ngăn cản cha của Orhun kể từ khi anh ta thời thơ ấu bí mật. Orhun quyết định kết hôn với Hira để trả thù. Afife ghét những người có địa vị thấp hơn và cô ấy bị ám ảnh bởi “dòng máu thuần khiết”. Liệu cuộc hôn nhân này có giam cầm Afife, hay cặp đôi sẽ tìm thấy sự chuộc lỗi sau khi trả hết nợ?
    • #8

      Naruto Shippuden

      Naruto Shippuuden

      Naruto: Shippuden (tạm dịch: Naruto: Cuộc phiêu lưu Gió xoáy) là bộ anime nối tiếp với bộ anime Naruto phần đầu, tương ứng từ tập 28 trong Manga Naruto trở đi.Naruto phần hai tiếp tục câu chuyện về cậu bé Naruto sau 3 năm tu luyện cùng Jiraiya nay đã trở về làng. Cậu và những người bạn lại tiếp tục lên đường làm nhiệm vụ, đồng thời cũng tìm cách để đưa Sasuke trở về. Madara hồi sinh, cùng với kế hoạch Nguyệt Nhãn quyết nhấn chìm thế giới vào ảo mộng. Đại chiến shinobi lần thứ tư nổ ra. Toàn thế giới nhẫn giả đã kết thành liên minh, cùng chung chí hướng dập tắt âm mưu của Madara và đồng bọn. Liệu đây có phải là cuộc chiến cuối cùng?
    • #9

      Chim Bói Cá

      Yali Çapkini

      Halis Ağa là chủ sở hữu của một đế chế đồ trang sức lớn và là người đứng đầu gia tộc Korhan. Mặc dù con trai ông Orhan và cháu trai lớn Fuat điều hành hầu hết công việc kinh doanh, ông vẫn đưa ra những quyết định quan trọng nhất trong công ty. Cháu trai Ferit của ông, người hoàn toàn trái ngược với anh trai Fuat của mình, là một cử nhân trẻ tuổi rất vô trách nhiệm, người vừa trở về từ nước ngoài nơi ông đến học. Halis không thể chịu được nữa về sự liều lĩnh của Ferit và anh ta buộc tội con dâu góa chồng Ifakat của mình là phải tìm cho anh ta một cô gái đẹp để kết hôn. Tin tức rằng Halis Ağa đang tìm một cô dâu cho cháu trai của mình, đến như một tia sáng từ màu xanh vào biệt thự của Kazım ở Gaziantep. Niềm hy vọng làm giàu duy nhất của Kazım là những cô con gái xinh đẹp của mình, Suna và Seyran. Sau khi Ifakat nhìn thấy Suna và quyết định cô ấy là cô gái phù hợp với Ferit, gia đình đã đến Gaziantep để yêu cầu Suna kết hôn. Nhưng trước buổi lễ, Ferit và Seyran gặp nhau mà không nhận ra rằng họ được cho là trở thành anh trai và em dâu, và Ferit đã bị cô ấy say mê. Cuộc sống của hai chị em thay đổi mãi mãi khi Ferit quyết định kết hôn với Seyran thay vì Suna. Trong khi Kazım vui mừng vì đã có được một khối tài sản lớn thì Seyran sẽ là cô dâu mới trong một gia đình đầy rẫy những phản bội, dối trá và bí mật. Trong khi Suna sẽ bắt đầu thực hiện kế hoạch trả thù để lấy lại tương lai bị đánh cắp của mình, cuộc sống tại biệt thự sẽ còn khó khăn hơn với những xung đột quyền lực của hai anh em.
    • #10

      Tom và Jerry

      Tom and Jerry

      Tom và Jerry là một bộ phim hoạt hình nhiều tập nổi tiếng của điện ảnh Mỹ, được sáng tạo, viết kịch bản và đạo diễn bởi hai nhà làm phim hoạt hình là William Hanna và Joseph Barbera. Mặc dù được sản xuất trong những năm từ 1940 đến 1967 nhưng dường như bộ phim hoạt hình này vẫn còn rất cuốn hút và quen thuộc đối với nhiều thế hệ người xem. Tom và Jerry đã từng giành được 7 giải Oscar, chia sẻ danh hiệu "bộ phim hoạt hình đoạt nhiều giải nhất" cùng với Silly Symphonies của Walt Disney.

    Boophim Originals

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